City at Work

Bank of England

An exhibition stand focussing on the range of science skills we use in the banknote design, production and detection processes; the use of IT across all areas, including high security; and volunteers on hand to answer questions about how maths & statistics are essential to the work we do.

The Brokerage

Find out more about the STEM careers available in City with The Brokerage. We support young Londoners to access the wealth of opportunity available to them in the City by connecting them with City businesses through workshops, internships and employment opportunities. Visit us to discover more about how you can use STEM subjects in banking, accountancy, insurance, law and more. Thought you had to go to University to work in the City? We’ll be able to tell you more about how to access STEM careers in the City and the variety of entry routes available including Graduate careers, apprenticeships and training schemes.

Cancer Research UK: Smartphone Microscope!

ImageJ=1.46rExplore the Microworld Using a Smartphone Microscope! Using only £10 worth of easily found materials, including an LED flashlight, a laser pointer, a bit of perspex and some nuts and bolts, we’ll show you how to build a microscope that you can construct yourself at home. Combined with the camera from your very own smartphone, these platforms will let you watch developing zebrafish and microscopic roundworms! Scientists are using very similar principles to bring diagnostic-quality microscopes to areas of the world with no access to expensive microscopes. Please feel free to bring something fun and interesting to look at under the microscope and a mobile phone with a camera so that you can take your very own microscopic pictures.


Find out more about careers in science with Cogent, the sector skills council for the science industries .We aim to inspire, inform & support young people like yourself into STEM-based careers. We’ll be demonstrating the Careers Pathways software, which can show you the huge range of jobs available in science-based industries; the Technical Apprenticeship Service adviser, for those  who think university might not be for them; and introducing you to the exciting and fulfilling careers that can come from following science both academically and vocationally through SIP, the Science-Industry Parternship.

Lloyd’s Register: Marine

All about careers in the Marine industry, engineering achievements and challenges, and showing interviews with employees describing their wide range of fascinating careers.

Society of Biology

Our vision is of a world that understands the true value of biology and how it can contribute to improving life for all. To achieve this we act as a single unified voice for Biology – advising government, influencing policy, advancing education, encouraging public interest and supporting our members. Our stand will include leaflets and banners about the wide range of careers from Biology.