3. Energy and motion

Have a look at these careers that are all related to energy and motion. As you will see there is a wide variety of job types available in this area so what are you waiting for? Get stuck in and see where a career in this field can take you.


Example work areas Knowledge/skills required Why?
Car designer

 manufacturers, racing teams, add-on kits power, aerodynamics, friction (grip), material science, automotive systems, combustion, safety systems  To achieve required levels of performance and safety
Renewable energy advisor  energy companies, businesses, households energy sources, capture and conversion technologies, efficiency, reliability, economics  To compare viability of renewables in various circumstances
Accident investigator  transport incidents, explosions, collapse forces and motion, deformation, materials science, propulsion systems, explosive mixtures, data analyses  To deduce the cause, and suggest how to avoid repetitions
Heating engineer  commercial and domestic heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems; heating / cooling industrial processes energy conversion, combustion, heat transfer modes, material properties, fluid flow, control systems  To use energy effectively to produce a desired temperature
Sports coach

 professional club, school / college human biology (especially muscles, nutrition and metabolism), energy / force / power, levers, psychology  To understand how players can improve their performance
Figure skater  entertainment, competition, training/coaching muscle action, forces and motion, friction, linear and angular momentum, moments and balance  To enable the skater to propel their body in the required direction at the desired speed


Is there a career in this area that you fancy?

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