5. Earth and Space

Planet Earth – just one of eight planets in our solar system, but how much do you really know about it? Do natural disasters such as earthquakes and volcanoes rock your world or are you more into discovering whether or not there really is life on Mars? Check out the career examples here to find out if you really have got what it takes to master the Universe.

Example work areas Knowledge/skills required Why?
Seismologist research, monitoring earthquake regions, quake-resistant building design, mineral and oil prospecting geology, properties of materials, sound and shock-waves, energy transfer, forces, vibration detection and recording instruments, data analyses To study and explain earth tremors and mitigate their effects; and to locate underground rock strata where oil or minerals may be

fieldwork (‘digs’), laboratory investigation, museums (interpretation), media presentation geophysics (site / artefact location), artefact recovery and treatment, material identification, dating techniques, preservation methods, past technologies To identify and interpret items, and disseminate information
Climatologist climate change and modelling, indices (e.g. El Niño), hurricane research, drought mitigation, polar research meteorology, hydrology, ecology, oceanography, data processing and analysis To study long-term climate trends and attempt predictions of future changes, and suggest ways of mitigating their effects
Satellite/space probe designer telecommunications, weather observation, military monitoring, astronomy, space exploration material properties under extreme conditions, forces, electronics, communications technology, optics, sensors across the electromagnetic spectrum, power systems To design compact, reliable equipment that can survive the forces of launch and conditions in space
Astronomer/astrophysicist optical and radio telescopes (land-based and in space), radio interferometry detection of radiation across the electromagnetic spectrum, data processing and interpretation To deduce the nature of the Universe, its contents and processes occurring within it


Is there a future career here for you?

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