6. Communication technology

Are you up to date with the latest developments and trends in communication technology? Would you like to design your own computer games, become a sound technician or even a TV presenter? Then read on and find out what knowledge and skills you need to take up a career in this area.


Example work areas Knowledge/skills required Why?
Telecommunications engineer telephone land lines, wireless transmission, exchanges, internet system, satellite communications analogue and digital signals, modulation, fibre optics, microwave transmission, routing systems To provide and maintain high speed worldwide communications
Computer programmer business or education computer network, internet service provider, software producer, games developer computer languages and operating systems, digital electronics To write programmes which translate between the processor’s digital machine code and familiar, user-friendly text and graphics
Digital camera designer still, video, TV and CCTV cameras e.g. for satellite imaging or astronomy optics, image capture (e.g. CCDs), electronics, solid state memory, digital processing (e.g. zoom) To optimise resolution and functionality for a given price
Paper manufacturer virgin and recycled, different grades/textures chemical processing, colouring, coating To produce papers with properties matched to applications
Sound/lighting technician theatres, concert halls, broadcasting and recording studios, clubs, outside venues amplification systems, electronics, control circuits (e.g. mixing desk), electrical safety, colour mixing To set up and operate equipment for controlling the required sound and light levels throughout a performance
Radio/TV presenter background research, studio and outside broadcasts, live broadcasts and recordings use of technology (e.g. recording and portable satellite broadcasting equipment) To ensure professional quality presenting

Is there a career here for you?

To see the full list of career examples download the document below.

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