1. Living things

Six career contexts are listed under this heading to show a breadth of job type in this area. Each gives example work areas, the knowledge and skills required and importantly, why they are needed.


Example work areas Knowledge/skills required Why?
Medical researcher cancer, stem cells, fertility treatment human biology, cell behaviour, biochemistry, genetics, microbiology, microscopy, medical ethics data analysis To understand how cells develop and replicate
Medical physicist imaging (e.g. radiography, ultrasound, CAT, MRI), physiological measurements, prosthetics, replacement parts human biology, electromagnetic radiation, materials science, computing, data analysis To operate equipment safely and effectively, and design durable prosthetics for use inside and outside the body
Food scientist

nutrition, food, additives, chocolate, wine biochemistry, chemical processing, chemical analysis, properties of materials, sensory analysis To produce safe, nutritious, attractive food and drink
Arable farmer crop management, agricultural equipment plant biology, pest and weed control, conservation, machine maintenance To maximise crop quality and quantity, while maintaining the environment
Veterinary assistant pets, farm animals, working animals animal biology, hygiene, equipment and its care, computer data systems To ensure smooth running of the vet’s surgery and call-outs
Wildlife photographer book/magazine illustrations, TV/films, birthday/postcards animal behaviour and habitats, camera technology, lighting technology, digital image manipulation To locate and approach animals and produce quality images


Is there a career here for you?

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