Animal care

Laura has always loved animals, so after her GCSE’s she started at Bicton College, initially completing a First Diploma in Animal Care before progressing on to a National Diploma in Agriculture, of which she is currently in the second year.

The First Diploma in Animal Care looked at the welfare and nutrition of a variety of animals utilising Bicton College’s own reptile unit, limas and farm as well as learning to drive tractors and quad bikes. The Agricultural course focuses on farm animals and farm management, from budgeting through to animal care. It is a three year course which includes a ‘sandwich’ year in industry to develop Laura’s practical skills.

In this clip she talks about the welfare and nutrition of animals (lemurs and chickens are featured).

With thanks to: Bicton College

Curriculum topics:

  • Animal husbandry and nutrition
  • Animal parasites
  • A balanced diet

Also in this film:

  • The range of animal-related careers
  • Working practices on a farm
  • Learning farm management skills
  • Learning to drive a tractor

Suggested practicals:

Using a choice chamber to investigate animal responses to stimuli
Working with animals gives an opportunity to observe their behaviour. Behaviour can be a good guide to whether the care regime is satisfactory.

How much energy is there in food?
Energy values of food
Animals in farms and zoos must be fed a balanced diet. Compare the energy content of different foodstuffs.