Land based technology

This clip shows Ashley learning to maintain farm equipment and how to rebuild an engine.

Ashley has found the ‘hands on’ experience gained at Bicton College really interesting, especially taking part in the “Bicton Stripper” where the students work in teams to reassemble a tractor’s engine. He has developed many skills which can lead to a career in agricultural contracting.

With thanks to Bicton College:

Curriculum topics covered:

  • Machines
  • Measuring current and voltage

Also in this film:

  • Safety clothing
  • Comparing college life with school

Suggested practicals:

The voltmeter as a cell (battery) counter
Ashley checks the voltage of a tractor’s battery. This consists of six cells, connected in series.

A steam engine
A model steam engine shows how the energy released by burning fuel can be used to do useful work. This illustrates several of the mechanical principles which are also present in a tractor.