Assembly materials

Two sets of assembly materials have been created for you which can be used in different ways, such as, role plays for students or a simple speech.

The first set of materials focuses on the use of science to develop a new body suit that improves performance in competitive swimming. It introduces ideas about the global nature of scientific research, the use of science in a commercial context, and the ethical issues of whether sport performance should be technologically enhanced. It is most appropriate for use with students aged 11 to 14 years as it uses some of the ideas and language used in science courses at this level. It would also be relevant to those who are studying science at GCSE or intermediate level.

The second assembly is for those who may be thinking about forensic science as a career choice. It explains that in the UK forensic science grew in importance with the discovery in 1985 of DNA profiling, and further technical and scientific developments continue to have an impact on the nature of the profession. There are a number of specialisms within this profession, and a number of different entry points for candidates. A more general point is also raised – should students apply for degree courses that focus on a single profession or is it more sensible to get a broader education? This set of materials is most appropriate for post-16 students.