e-library careers collection

The National STEM Centre’s e-library is home to a vast collection of resources for teachers and lecturers of Science, Design & Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

From 2010 selected resources spanning early years to post-16 are being made available online through the freely accessible eLibrary. These materials include:

  • Contemporary print, multimedia, interactive and practical teaching materials;
  • Digitised archive resources drawn from recent decades;
  • Research publications with bearing on classroom practice;
  • Cross-curricular resources to aid innovative STEM teaching approaches;
  • The UK Space Education Office (ESERO-UK) collection of space education resources.

You may browse the resources in collections, search for resources by keyword, and at any time you can refine and narrow your search to help locate exactly what you are looking for.

Visit the National STEM Centre e-library today using the link below.