Client development Manager

Client Development Manager Henry Smith talks about using the data analysis techniques he learnt through studying science and the importance of team work.

To link with this we have developed a lesson plan for students to collect data and build a database to analyse elements, compounds and minerals.

A downloadable version of the video, lesson plan, student practical activity sheet and sample database are available below.

Curriculum links for the lesson are as follows:

2008 Key Stage 3 Programme of Study:

Range and Content: 3.2c

Attainment Targets: AT1, AT3

Key Concepts: 1.2a, 1.4

Key Processes: 2.1c, 2.2a, 2.3a

Curriculum Opportunities: 4a

Scottish 5-14 Science Curriculum:

E&S2 – Materials from Earth

Attainment Targets:

Knowledge and Understanding

Level E

Describe how the physical properties of elements is used to classify them as metals or non-metals

Level D

Describe some features of the periodic table

Investigating Skills

Collecting and analysing – using ICT tools to collect and analyse information, such as databases and spreadsheets…

Searching and researching – Using resources such as CD-ROMS and the internet to allow pupils to search for information and to research topics.