Primary school teacher

Primary School Teacher Tim Gadd talks about the importance of subject knowledge for teaching and linking lessons to pupils’ everyday life and experiences.

To link with this we have developed a lesson plan where students design their own primary science lesson.

A downloadable version of the video, lesson plan and student practical activity sheet are available below.

Curriculum links for the lesson are as follows:

2008 Key Stage 3 Programme of Study:

Range and Content: 3.2c, 3.3d, 3.4b

Attainment Targets: AT1, AT2, AT4

Key Concepts: 1.1b, 1.4a

Key Processes: 2.1a-c, 2.2b, 2.3a

Curriculum Opportunities: 4a, c, e

Scottish 5-14 Science Curriculum:

E&F1 – Properties and uses of energy

E&S3 – Changing materials

E&S1 – Earth in Space

LT&PL1 – Variety & characteristic features

Attainment Targets:

Knowledge and Understanding:

Topic A, Level C

Construct simple battery operated circuits , identifying the main components;

Classify materials as conductors or insulators…..

Topic B, Level C

Describe changes when materials are mixed

Describe how solids of different sizes may be separated

Topic C, Level E

Explain day, month and year in terms of the relative motion of the Sun, the Earth and the Moon.

Topic D, Level B

Give some of the more obvious distinguishing features of the major invertebrate groups.

Name some common members of the invertebrate groups

Topic D, Level C

Name some common members of vertebrate groups

Name some common animals and plants using simple keys

Investigating Skills

Level C

Suggest a question for exploration and decide how they might find an answer

Level C

Select and use appropriate measurement devices or make appropriate observations

Level D

Make an organised report on an investigation using appropriate illustrations

Identify limitations of the approach used

Level E

Suggest improvements to the approach used.