Teachers TV programmes

These nine Teachers TV programmes have been produced to illustrate techniques to bring careers awareness into the classroom. Each programme has accompanying resources available for download.

STEM Subject Choice and Careers

Science – Science teacher Nichola Offer uses a range of techniques to help her students think about careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) professions.

– Teacher Daniel Gadd links maths lessons to the use of maths in the world of work, helping students understand how their learning relates to the real world.

Engineering – Maths teacher Eva Cowlishaw and science teacher Amy Lucas introduce Year 9 students at CTC Kingshurst Academy, Birmingham, to engineering careers using the context of structural engineering in theme park rides.

Choosing Careers: The Visitor Experience – Lorette Parker, Head of Careers at Collingwood College, Surrey, invites eight professionals to the school to talk about their careers in STEM-related professions.

Equality & Diversity – At Witton Park High School year eight girls participate in a workshop designed to show them lucrative STEM alternatives to gender stereotyped jobs; meanwhile Pleckgate High School is visited by an interactive mobile laboratory filled with practising scientists and engineers.

Role Models and Work Placements – STEM ambassadors at Bradfield School in Sheffield share their stories with Year 9 girls as they combat some of the stereotypical images of STEM-related careers. Meanwhile, successful work placements are ongoing at an aerospace manufacturer in Bolton and a Sheffield architecture firm.

Information, Advice and Guidance for Careers in STEM – Science Teacher Angalika Newton and Head of Careers Lorette Parker introduce science career options to their students using a range of classroom techniques designed to help them make informed choices.

Economic Wellbeing – Students at Riddlesdown High school in South London participate in a role play as members of a residents’ association weighing up the economic and environmental pros and cons of building a pharmaceutical plant in their neighbourhood.

STEM  Careers Interviews – A series of interviews on the importance of STEM skills, with professionals from the fields of architecture, publishing, media productions, pharmaceuticals and the armed forces.

These videos are all available to download from the National STEM Centre.

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