Black scientists speak out

Benjamin Zephaniah, a writer and poet, interviews 5 key scientists who are working today in the fields of science, technology and engineering. He explores their aspirations, the turning points in their lives and their careers to date.

1. Jon Chase
Jon is a rapper who uses the power of his songs to go out into the community and explain common scientific concepts. In this interview he explains his own personal journey of overcoming the stereotypical views of others and how much he enjoys science.

You can view the full interview with Jon at You Tube here.
2. Professor Geoff Palmer
Professor Palmer had to overcome racism to become a ‘legend’ in the brewing industry. Here he speaks of the challenges he has had to overcome throughout his career and how he is now working to inspire others in the hope that they too can follow their dreams.

You can view the full interview with Geoff at You Tube here.
3. Tony Waithe
Tony was originally inspired by aeroplanes and this led him to invent bicycle saddles and fire escape ladders. He now runs a young inventors club in schools to help young people realize their potential and make their ideas become a reality.

You can view the full interview with Tony at You Tube here.
4. Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock
Maggie is a space scientist who was inspired at a young age by the first moon landings and the possibility that she too could one day travel in space. Maggie explains how being female is not a barrier and should not prevent you from following a career in something that you love.

You can view the full interview with Maggie at You Tube here.
5. Chi Onwurah
Chi lives and works in Newcastle where she is an MP and electrical engineer. Her passion for engineering first began on a visit to the science museum which is why she is now working to promote engineering to ethnic minorities to understand how the world works and show that engineers can really make a difference.

You can view the full interview with Chi at You Tube here.