Work experience in Chemistry

Need help finding chemistry-related work experience, then keep reading – we could have the answers you have been searching for.

Finding a work experience placement can be difficult, but companies and universities look very highly on students who have the enthusiasm and independence to hunt for a relevant position. There are many ways of finding a placement. Talk to anyone you know who is already working in the type of job you’re interested in to find out if they can help. Check whether your school has a work experience scheme or can suggest some companies to approach. You can also look in the yellow pages for relevant companies/organisations near your home then phone or write to them. Before you write to a company, call to find out who you should address your letter to – the relevant contact is usually the ‘Schools/Education Liaison Officer’ or the ‘Human Resources/Community Liaison Department’.

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) does not provide work experience for school students. However, your RSC Local Section may be able to offer advice on how to find placements in your area.

Work Experience 
Work experience is a great way to gain new skills, improve existing ones and find out whether you enjoy a particular type of work

Local Sections 
There are 35 Local Sections throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland

Work experience in Chemical Engineering
Contact details for many of the major employers of Chemical Engineers are listed by sector in the employers section of the whynotchemeng website.