Careers from Maths

Saving lives, making video games and exploring the secrets of the universe – it’s all in a day’s work for a mathematician.

As a mathematician you could help develop techniques for clearing land mines, work as an animator or programmer on the hottest films and video games, or even try to figure out the shape of the universe. For more down-to-earth careers, mathematical skills can help you bake the perfect cake, become an interior designer and open your own hair salon.

Check out some of these roles mentioned above:

Land mine detection



Work out the shape of the universe

Baking the perfect cake

Interior designer

Hair stylist

Mathematics is well-known as the language of science, technology and engineering, but it’s also a fantastic tool for creating artistic patterns, making great businesses deals and snapping top photographs.


Find out more here:

Creating artistic patterns

Making great business deals

Snapping top photographs

Find out what career using maths suits you using the Careers Calculator. Answer 6 easy questions and see what the career calculator suggests!

So next time you’re fed up with juggling fractions on a Thursday afternoon, remember that the maths you learn at school can help you navigate the world and find the career that’s right for you!

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