Education & Communication

It’s hard to imagine what our day would be like without the mobile phone; left yours at home recently? Bet you spent the day feeling like you’d lost your right arm! And let’s not even consider life pre-internet. All this becomes even scarier when you consider that the communications technology we rely on today has mostly developed over the past 15 years. And now it enhances so much that we do, it’s hard not to rely on it.

Technological advances have had their downsides though – mobile phone masts are still rather unsightly and too many old mobile phones end up in landfill. Getting pestered by unwanted emails, phone calls and texts is something we could all do without. But that is where jobs in education and communication start to get interesting. Seeing the science and mathematics in this section yet?

What about the armies of webmasters and software engineers who design the solutions to eradicate the pesky spam emails; and the network managers, support assistants and administrative assistants keeping it all at bay. Some of these people are skilled technologists; although lots of them learned on the job with the mathematics and technology they studied at school and still use it every single day.

And let’s get back to the positives of all this communication. It’s not all about My Space, Bebo and texting! Some of these technological advances have changed schools and colleges (the way we learn), our hospitals (how quickly we are treated) and even our ability to solve crimes. These areas open up a whole host of possible roles and the study of science, technology, engineering and mathematics will set you apart from the rest. Feeling educated? Read on to find out more…

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