From athletics to weightlifting there are so many competitive sports that you can take part in, but have you considered those people who support, train and care for the athletes helping them get to the top of their game?

Achieving the best results and out-performing the competition is what every athlete is aiming for but it’s not just those on the front line that are involved in winning that medal at the end of the day.

This section aims to show you the wide range and variety of jobs available within the field of sports science so that even if you may not be aiming to win a gold medal for youself in the next Olympic games, you can still aim high and be part of the winning team.

From clinical exercise consultants to biomechanists; performance nutritionists to rehabilitation officers; and soft tissue therapists to sports psychologists, this section could just be the start of your future career in sports science, showing you the qualification pathways and career routes you could choose to follow to achieve your goal.

We’ve even managed to talk to a number of athletes currently heading for the top in ‘Let’s hear from the athletes’ so make sure you check out their stories and see if this can inspire you to become part of the winning teams of tomorrow who might be able to carry on the Olympic 2012 legacy.

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