Until recently we would only ever have imagined that a very few select astronauts would ever get the opportunity to go into space but now the dreams of many are starting to become a reality as space travel may well be a thing of the future for ordinary members of the public, and because of this the industry is set to increase on a major scale.

There are so many careers in this area that you could be involved with. Could you be a food scientist designing food that could be eaten in space? How about designing protective clothing for those on the spacecraft? Perhaps you have your sights firmly set on being an astronaut. Medical and airport scanners, earth observation systems and wireless computer networks all use technology developed within the space industry. Whatever you decide, physics and maths will be extremely important for you in this field.

This section includes articles and career profiles from a range of leading organisations including NASA, UK Space Agency, European Space Agency and ESERO, to let you hear directly from those on the front line. Could you be the first person to discover life on Mars or do you dream of stepping out onto a new planet that is as yet unheard of? The possibilities really are endless. Check out items within this section and see if they can act as a launch pad for your career!

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